Kids Kiwi Ranger Programme

If you are looking for something interesting to do with the family, why not pick up a booklet for the Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge Kiwi Ranger programme.

Pick up your FREE booklet from:

– Palmerston North City i-SITE, The Square, Palmerston North
– Woodville i-SITE

Kiwi Ranger offers an exciting new programme for exploring the Manawatῡ Gorge.  Through a series of nature-based activities, families can learn about the history and culture associated with the Gorge, and some remarkable ecology and geology.  For example did you know that Te Apiti means the cleft, pass or gorge and is the Maori name for the Manawatu Gorge.

There are activities for family members of all ages and it is a great way for children in particular to experience the Gorge while having heaps of fun and earning a cool badge.

I recently took my own children, Fenn, MacLean and Anna Mercer, through the Manawatu Gorge Loop Track with Kiwi Ranger.  They discovered how to estimate the age of a nikau palm and measure the girth of forest giants.  We also found a stoat trap, spotted four different types of ferns and they enjoyed the adventure!  It was a good to slow down in nature, watch the fantails and listen to the birds.  The kids were focussed and interested, and we had a relaxing family morning.

There are a variety of walks you can choose to do in Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge, and the Kiwi Ranger booklet is relevant to all of them.  Choose from the 4km Tawa Loop Track, the 20 minute Gorge Loop Track or walk the entire 10km length of the Gorge.  The tracks are well-formed metal tracks which follow steady gradients.

To get started on Kiwi Ranger, all you need to do is collect a booklet from Te Manawa, the Palmerston North or Woodville I-SITEs, the Ashhurst Library or the Bridge Cafe and complete the activities to earn your badge.  Return to any of the above locations with your completed booklets to be awarded your badges.

Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge is one of 13 special Kiwi Ranger sites around the country, all designed to encourage families to get out and discover our beautiful places.  Each site has its own unique activities and badge.

To view the badges and find out more about the Kiwi Ranger programme, or to request an electronic copy of the Manawatu Gorge Kiwi Ranger booklet, visit


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